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Worship is the family of God gathering with their Heavenly Father

Worship at Community of Faith is Christ-centered, casual and interactive.  We love the whole range of music God has blessed us with so don't be suprised to hear hymns and modern praise and worship songs. Messages tend to be verse-by-verse; we’re not afraid to laugh and joke during a sermon or with each other.  We like to emphasize that a family is more intimate than polished. We worship a loving Father who loves when His family gathers, and joins and blesses them in and through that gathering.


  • Weekly we confess sins together knowing that we don't always do what we should. We stand together, in the confidence of God’s love in Jesus to forgive our sins and strengthen us for the week ahead.

  • Weekly we invite or leave room during prayers for folks to say the name of someone they are thinking about. 

  • Weekly we celebrate communion confident that God does nourish and strengthen us through this meal.  (For more on our communion practices check out ‘what we believe').

  • Weekly we dismiss the kids (pre-k to 5th grade) after the message and communion for Sunday school.


We would love to talk with you and worship with you, join us sometime.

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