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Stand to Reason
White Horse Inn

Weekly round table of 4 Scholars/Theologians examining current issues in light of the Christian faith. A great place to hear solid doctrine applied to living in the 21st century. 

Weekly podcast and quarterly magazine (modern reformation).

An excellent source for hard hitting Christian aplogetics. Greg Koukl and J. Warner Wallace engage skeptics of all stripes in whinsome and engaging ways. Thougthful and approachable podcasts and articles. Home to 'Cold Case Christianity'-a recent wor that is a must read for anyone open to examining evidence in search of truth.

Solid science based research that is willing to go where the unfiltered results lead. Loads of articles that give good answers from a scientific position in support of creation. Answers to the big questions in the creation evolution debate for those who are willing to suspend their 'faith' in the religion of evolution and consider responses and alternative explantions...after all, isn't that what we all want? A free market of ideas that can all be heard.

A 'brilliant' weekly podcast that gets Christians and non-Christians talking, letting them dialogue with little interruption. The topics are broad and both sides are solid-a very even handed approach. (names like Bart Ehrman, the late Christopher Hitchens, Richard Carrier, and Michael Shermer bring their best games for Christians to answer and respond.

Creation Ministries

 Check your sources

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