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As you read through the gospels you realize quickly that Jesus kept everyone guessing. He was always confounding and upsetting the 'religious' folk and suprprising and pleasing seekers and bystanders.

Join us for 5 weeks as we read through these testimonies and ask ourselves how Jesus was messing with people in the accounts...we just might learn something for ourselves in the process...

Jesus is still messing with lives today-how is He messing with you!

Join us on November 30

9 AM (during worship)

Q&A time after at (10:30 AM)

All are invited

We will take a free will offering to support Oussama's ministry


Hear this inspiring and powerful story of how God is still seeking and saving people.

Oussama was a Muslim in Egypt, on a train, an evangelist gave him a copy of the NT. He found peace in the Word of God...His family was concerned, so they sent him to Mecca, to straighten him out. He fled from Mecca to Jordan, Syria, and ended up in Lebanon. After working for 12 years  in Lebanon, owning two stores,  and going to two churches there..he was detained and held in a prison for 13 months in Beirut, Lebanon, where Hezbollah holds sway. While in prison he came closer to God, and felt that Jesus was preparing him for a mission, like Joseph in prison. He decided that he should forget about his "good" life in Lebanon, and follow God's will...he applied to the UN for refuge, and was relocated to Chicagoland in ONE MONTH..a miracle.


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